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Infinite You Cards

A set of empowerment cards made of 100% recycled paper and illustrated with watercolors


The story behind the
creative process

This deck of cards is so special to me. Its creation was preceded by 30 years in which I stopped painting following a traumatic event during the presentation of a final exhibition of my art degree studies. I swore that I would never touch a brush and a page again and I really threw away all the art equipment I had at that time. Five years ago, I was intrigued to learn Access Bars under the guidance of a wonderful teacher. I entered the course with a question: "What will allow me to regain the creativity that was hidden in me?" The next day miraculously, I started to scribble on a sheet of paper a beautiful female figure, added some watercolors and published the drawing. The responses were warm and loving. The urge to paint was too great for me to stop. For each drawing I received in meditation a powerful sentence that corresponds exactly to the drawing that was drawn. This is how my magical cards were created. I hoped that each card would remind many women that they are special as they are, full of wisdom, connected to creation and their creativity. I wanted the packaging of the cards to reflect my ecological concept as much as possible, since protecting the environment is an essential issue for me 

This set of cards became a wonderful gift and was sold to therapist women, patients and as a gift to a close friend. Each set includes a translation and expansion page on each card.

How to use the cards?

Shuffle the cards. Close your eyes and think about an issue that is bothering you these days. Pull a card and enjoy a loving and embracing message. The cards are written in English and for each set, a translation page in Hebrew with an extension on each message. 

It is recommended to start each day by opening a card with a daily message.

 For therapists, each treatment can be ended by drawing a card that is used as a message or as a summary of the session.

***To order a set of cards, fill out the details below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

with love

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