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Meet Sonia

Personal trainer for children and adults, artist, yoga instructor, therapist in recall healing, Access Bars and more

Very nice to meet you! My name is Sonia. Mother of three children   each amazing in their own unique way. Light of my life and wonderful teachers to the person that I am. Artist, educator,Nature lover and for the past fourteen years, coaching women and children to go through healing and liberation processes and discover their unique strength.


Areas of care

חוג יוגה לילדים

שמחה ומתרגשת להזמין את ילדכם לחוג יוגה הנפתח מחדש בחופש הגדול. כאן לא נדרש ידע קודם או גמישות... רק לב פתוח ורצון לחוות את הקסם של היוגה....להמשך קריאה, לחצו על הקישור... .


words of appreciation

My new journey with Sonia

Beloved Sonia, thank you for who you are to me... a Lighthouse of inspiration for a magical, investigative, intriguing journey into the recesses of my soul with your grace, creativity, sweet simplicity and great love. Love you a lot...

Dear Sonia, Rabbi Karlibach said: "Every child needs an adult to believe in him" and the inner girl in me was privileged to receive you! Since you entered my life like a big and warming ray of light, your accompaniment in my healing process is an integral part of my life... I wish every person who faces a physical or mental challenge to benefit from your amazing and healing energies. With great and eternal gratitude.


I highly recommend the amazing Sonia. Caregiver with kindness with vast knowledge, compassion and a huge heart. Every encounter with her is a huge gift of life. With sensitivity and wisdom, she manages to take you on a journey through time, touch deep wounds and bring significant healing there.


Thank you Sonia for your professionalism, patience and love. Thank you for the new look at my life that allows me to look inside and change my life. Every meeting with you is a fascinating experience


I am so thankful for coming to dear Sonia for therapy sessions. I meet with her at this time of my life when I felt that I needed support, an interpretation of reality with intelligent eyes, so that I would go home with food for thought that does not create anxiety in me but calms me down.  And the heart opened a little more and a little more... Sonia's guidance led me safely towards changes I want to make in my life. The screen of my fears opens with every meeting which is like magic. Thank you Sonia. Love a lot.

I met Sonia during a very difficult time in my life. I immediately felt that when I change, things change, strength comes and my self-confidence grows within me. Her incredible delicacy is a powerful thing. Together we opened the most painful points inside of me. Thanks to  the Universe for bringing you to me


Getting to know you Sonia started with yoga classes and what I felt after the first class, I will never forget. I was like a ball of love and I wanted to share this love with the whole world. In the sessions with you I learned to love myself as I am. My life has become more interesting and diverse. I thank God and life for bringing me to  you



Get to know my cards for empowerment and change

With great excitement, I present to you the cards I created: 34 cards with an empowering and healing message. For each message, a delicate watercolor painting with a frequency of softness is matched 


courses and workshops

Intuitive drawing

female empowerment

Access Bars

Therapeutic cards


Yoga Pose

Soon online yoga sessions at your salon...

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