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About Me

My journey to profound change began with a health crisis that fell on me like a thunderbolt on a bright day. This crisis ignited in me existential fear, helplessness and the loss of everything that was familiar before. From there I first went down to the darkest places. Anxiety and panic attacks attacked me frequently. I felt great sadness and disconnection. At the same time, an inexplicable force broke out of me and let me understand that my healing depends on me And not with one medicine or another


Gradually, messengers came to me in the form of therapists using different methods: I discovered a whole world of connections between body and soul.I didn't know and didn't really know me before. 

As I cleared many traumas and conflicts in my life,   I began to feel peace, vitality along with a strong sense of connection to myself, to my children and  to the entire world.   Naturally, at the same time while working at the Ministry of Education as a yoga instructor and integrative teacher, I began to help women in their healing and empowerment processes

Today, I feel a great privilege to apply all my knowledge combined with deep intuition, great sensitivity and compassion in order to help children and adults to live a meaningful life

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Training and therapeutic experience


Bachelor's degree in special education - learning disabilities and creative arts *specialization in didactic diagnosis* yoga instruction studies for children and teenagers *personal training studies for children with ADHD *spiritual personal training studies *reiki studies* studies of the "journey" method *theta healing studies* recall healing studies * Access studies in Ars-facelift-body processes-basics*

 Twenty eight years in the education system as an integration teacher,  instructor, yoga teacher in special education kindergartens * Handles the "journey" method within the school * Founder of a unique therapy center of its kind in a school for parents and children combining tools from the world of personal training, yoga,

Parental guidance, naturopathy, art and mandala paintings. 

Treatments at the clinic for over 14   years with different methods.

 Empowerment workshops for women.

 Creating therapeutic cards.   

You can register for all the workshops, courses and treatments in Hebrew, French and English 

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